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Re: BCP38 making it work, solving problems

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Tue Oct 19 09:37:36 2004

> > ... the first thing is, some nets who want the internet to work this
> > way have to implement BCP38 in their own corner of the internet.
> > then they have to start de-peering with nets who don't do it, and
> > offer a better rate to customers who do it than to those who don't.
> > then they have to de-peer with anyone who doesn't require their
> > peers and customers to do it.  then they have to refuse as customers
> > anyone who won't do it.  ...
> As it was "in the old days": first clean up your own act and then
> start pointing at others that they're doing "it" wrong.
> It's a mentality I see very rarely amongst the larger ISP's who've
> been part of that 'I' in their name since the very early beginning.

i found out from verisign that big companies call something "innovation" if
it hasn't been generally done before and if it immediately increases revenue.

failing the "immediately increases revenue" part, no big company will do
anything that hasn't been generally done before.

unless their insurance companies or their government insists, that is.  the
same cfo's who are choking the life out of your backbone (equipment, staff,
etc) are perfectly happy to pay a little more to get UL-listed refrigerators
for the company's break rooms.  i guess the grownups really are in charge?

i'm pretty depressed at the lack of self regulation among the techiefolk.
responses to BCP38 of the form "but my customer has a good reason to spoof"
or "but my equipment can't do wire speed SAV" or "but BCP38 will not solve
all DDoS problems single-handedly" are small minded, provincial, and wrong.
... it's just "but if man was meant to fly he'd have wings" all over again.