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Re: short Botnet list and Cashing in on DoS

  • From: alex
  • Date: Sat Oct 09 02:08:41 2004

On Fri, 8 Oct 2004, J. Oquendo wrote:

> this since it bugs me) EV1, Everybody's Internet. Not only do they host
> some botnets, malware spewing servers, spam relays, terrorists related
> sites, their excuse is "Well we don't know who we rent to"
They don't. When you have few thousands of dedicated servers and you can
claim that you know *exactly* what is each server used for, then you can
talk back.

> Now I know laws are being worked in along the way, but if you own a home
> and rent it out, then it gets subletted, the re-sub'ed, let's say fifty
> transactions occurred, you own the home. If someone down the line is
> running drugs out of the apartment your house is gone.
And these laws (drug forfeiture) are grossly unfair, are used as a revenue
generator by many municipalities, thus increasing pressure on prosecutors
to try to seize as much as they can. Let's not use one bad law as an 
excuse to have more.

> Yes their is little that can be done right now, but yet there ARE things
> that CAN BE DONE. I'm one that is skeptical about laws since laws abroad
> would mean nothing here and vice versa, but where are things headed?
> Spend more on infrastructure to support these issues when you shouldn't
> have to or buy bigger equipment to handle filtering when you shouldn't
> have to. I say nip it at the bud, if you're an upstream provider and you
> see some of these issues, three strikes shut these things down, or
> nullroute them, don't just sit twiddling your thumbs "Oh but that won't
> help your idea is silly because foo_x reason." Have something better in
> mind propose it. I'm sure some of these networks that are getting DoS'ed
> out of existence would love to hear them. Hell some might even pay you
> to implement them.
Don't sit twiddling your thumbs coming up with Final Ultimate Solutions to
DDoS problems (FUSSDP) ideas and refusing to listen to foo_x reasons why
it won't work. Listen and come up with better ideas, we'll love to hear
them. Present them at BOF at NANOG.