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Re: Lawsuit on ICANN (was: Re: A few words on VeriSign's sitefinder)

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Sat Feb 28 14:52:48 2004

[email protected] (Mark Jeftovic) writes:

> Verisign sold off NetSol to Pivotal Private Equity last year for 100
> million, which takes them out of the registrar space and leaves them
> as the registry.

it'll be several quarters, and one audited annual report, before we'll
know how much control (in terms of supervoting, buyback rights, and so
on) verisign still has over netsol.  the fact that they aren't the owners
of record of that segment of their business is not particularly relevant.

now that there's a lawsuit filed, icann could subpoena the details and
discover verisign's continuing rights in the matter of netsol's futures.
Paul Vixie