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RE: Lawsuit on ICANN (was: Re: A few words on VeriSign's sitefinder)

  • From: David Schwartz
  • Date: Thu Feb 26 19:18:45 2004

	By the way, do we even know what we're talking about? Specifically, has
VeriSign produced a set of specifications for exactly what SiteFinder is and

	For example, is it guaranteed to return the same A record for all
unregistered domains? Is it guaranteed that that A record will not change?

	Until VeriSign produces a technical specification for what it is they
intend to do, they cannot expect other people to opine about what effects
their changes will have. VeriSign has not yet even started the notification
and analysis period.

	Isn't VeriSign's lawsuit premature? I mean, ICANN has not yet said no to
any specific technical proposal from VeriSign, at least as far as I know. Is
VeriSign arguing that they should be able to do whatever they want with the
root DNS, with no advance notice to anyone?