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RE: How relable does the Internet need to be? (Was: Re: Converged Network Threat)

  • From: Brian Knoblauch
  • Date: Thu Feb 26 15:28:49 2004

	I don't post much as I'm mostly on here to learn and have little I
can contribute, but...

	While following all the discussions, I wonder if there's too many
people here that work at large highly redundant facilities and live in
expensive areas with new circuits.  I don't believe the rest of the world
has such high expectations.  I live in a typical USA '70s era neighborhood
and have (this year) had nearly 2 full days without power (not counting that
nationwide blackout thing, and not even guessing how many 1-2 hour power
losses), 4 or 5 days without dialtone (multiple episodes lasting over a day
each, also suffering static on the line everytime it rains), and had the
cable modem down for 3 days straight (was up MOST of the time the power was
out.  As a side note, tried a BRI, but cancelled after the phone company
couldn't keep it up more than 50% of the time).  We're used to it, that's
just life in this city.  Cell phone coverage is good in the cities, however
the stretches in between, the cell phone is just a paper weight.  Just last
night, we had 2 T-1s down for 5.5 hours here at work (I must say though,
reliability at work has GREATLY improved the last couple of years!)...  I
can go on and on about this, but won't as this whole thing is really
stretching the limits of "network related" now ;-)

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