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Re: Converged Networks Threat (Was: Level3 Outage)

  • From: Michael.Dillon
  • Date: Thu Feb 26 09:52:37 2004

>> This is possible today. Build your own routers using
>> the right microkernel, OSKIT and the Click Modular Router
>> software and you can have this. When we restrict ourselves
>> only to router packages from major vendors then we are 
>> doomed to using outdated technology at inflated prices.

>Tell you what Michael, build me some of those, have it pass my labs
>and I'll give you millions in business. Deal? 

The problem with your lab is that you have too many millions
to give. In order to win those millions people would have to prove
that their box is at least as good as C and J in the core of the
largest Internet backbones in the world. That is an awfully big
hurdle and attempting it costs so much money that anyone would
be a fool to try it unless they already had millions in the bank.

History shows that if you can build a mousetrap that is technically
better than anything on the market, your best route for success is
to sell it into niche markets where the customer appreciates the
technical advances that you can provide and is willing to pay for
those technical advances. I don't think that describes the larger
Internet provider networks.

--Michael Dillon