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Re: Converged Networks Threat (Was: Level3 Outage)

  • From: Petri Helenius
  • Date: Wed Feb 25 14:15:50 2004

Jared Mauch wrote:

On the sunny side, I see this improving over time. Software
bugs will be squashed. Poorly designed networks will be reconfigured to
better handle these situations.

The trend running against these points is the added features and complexity into the software due to market requirements. So while the box you got two years ago might have less bugs today, there are more attractive new devices with new bugs in the old and new features. People seem to be quite convinced that if you put more features into a box, people will pay more for it.

On your second point, it seems that most network protocols are converging towards port TCP/80. So unless network performance and availability degrades really badly, most users are indifferent and the 1st level helpdesk at their provider tells that "at times the internet might be slow" and they usually are quite happy and understanding with that answer because they don�t know that it could be better.

So outside Fortune 500 and some clueful individuals, where is the market for non-poorly designed bug free "Internet"?