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  • From: Hank Nussbacher
  • Date: Wed Feb 25 00:23:40 2004

At 07:39 AM 25-02-04 +0800, Randy Bush wrote:

> Isn't that something to notify AS3303 aka SWISSCOM about rather
> than NANOG?

perhaps because this path has been taken in the past and failed?

> Especially since it does not look like it is spreading very
> widely.

hard to tell, isn't it.  and hard to say the effect on the places
to which it has spread.
I have previously contacted Swisscom about it back in 9/2003 and received the following response:
we are filtering on RIR minimal allocation boundaries. This creates some routing holes which we fill by these semi-default routes (towards our upstreams) for our customers' perusal.
Fixedorbit had to special case Swisscom since they came out in their IP table as the #1 IP holder. That honor is now held by DISO.