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RE: New Draft Document: De-boganising New Address Blocks

  • From: Michel Py
  • Date: Tue Feb 24 22:54:04 2004


> william(at) wrote:
> []
> Unfortunetly this is kind-of a bgp hack and as has
> been already mentioned it needs very carefull
> implemention

This is not positive thinking. I don't consider this a hack (if it is,
then the draft that proposes to re-use ORF mechanisms is even worse).

I'm not interested in what things were designed to do, I'm interested in
what things _can_ do.

I use [Cymru] myself as I am within the applicability domain. I use your
stuff too. However, you might be borderline to abusing co-author
privileges here; Team Cymru has lead the route-server project for long,
and although the bogon list is by nature a lot less controversial than
what you do the bottom line is the acceptance of Cymru's feed is far
greater than Completewhois.

Please don't use draft-py-idr-redisfilter-01.txt as a platform to
compete with other co-authors; collaborative competition is sound,
please stay within its borders.