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Re: L3 burp today - what happened?

  • From: Wayne E. Bouchard
  • Date: Mon Feb 23 18:58:02 2004

I have a report that a customer can ping his destination just fine but
cannot send TCP packets to it. His traceroute also shows most every
other hop with *s.

Very strange.

On Mon, Feb 23, 2004 at 05:59:25PM -0500, David G. Andersen wrote:
> Anyone know what happened to L3 during the last hour?  They
> seem to have developed an appetite for dropping packets
> in San Jose for customers on the Genuity portion of their
> network, but I'm curious if anyone has a slightly more
> detailed explanation about the failure.
> The failure seems to have started at 17:09 and ended at about 17:51 EST.
>   -Dave
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