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Re: [IP] VeriSign prepares to relaunch "Site Finder" -- calls

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Mon Feb 23 18:31:29 2004

[email protected] ("Stephen J. Wilcox") writes:

> > ... It would be no worse than NEW.NET or any other form of DNS
> > pollution/piracy (like the alternate root whackos), as long as it was
> > clearly labelled.  ...
> With a local redirection you get to choose that you want it, you dont
> impose it on other parts of the Internet and given enough clue level your
> customers can run their own DNS if they object.
> So with that in mind this is no worse that http caching/smtp redirection or 
> other local forms of subversion..

I guess I should have put some :-)'s into my earlier post on this thread.
Anyone using MSIE already has sitefinder-like functionality.  And there are
adware companies who offer plugins for MSIE, Safari/Konquerer,
Netscape/Mozilla, and probably other browsers as well, to map "no such url"
to an adware/search site.

Therefore anyone who wants to opt into this can already do so.

Therefore the likelihood of an ISP offering this on an "opt in" basis is low.

I apologize for having to explain that I was joking.  I'll try to do better.
Paul Vixie