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Re: Anycast and windows servers

  • From: Alex Bligh
  • Date: Fri Feb 20 07:34:33 2004


Hence the reason why I want the route to cease being advertised if the box

I'm trying to avoid putting yet another server load balancer box in front
of the windows box to withdraw the route so a different "working" box will
be closest.  It may be an oxymoron, but I'm trying to make the windows
service (if not a particular windows box) as "reliable" as possible
without introducing more boxes than necessary.
You might be better not running the routing protocol on the Windows box,
and run gated (or whatever) on some nearby Linux/BSD box which tests the
availability of each of your windows box and introduces the appropriate
route (i.e. a next-hop for the anycast address pointing at a normal IP
address) into (a very local) BGP (running multipath) or other favorite
routing protocol for each of the servers that are up.