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RE: Anti-spam System Idea

  • From: Timothy R. McKee
  • Date: Mon Feb 16 16:21:19 2004

Personally I don't see where ingress filters that only allow registered 
SMTP servers to initiate TCP connections on port 25 is irresponsible.

Any user sophisticated enough to legitimately require a running SMTP server 
should also have the sophistication to create a dns entry and register it
his upstream in whatever manner is required.
There will never be a painless or easy solution to this problem, only a 
choice where we select the lesser of all evils.


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Timothy R. McKee wrote:

>There will *never* be a concerted action by all service providers to 
>filter ingress/egress on abused ports unless there is a legal 
>requirement to do so.  Think 'level playing field'...
Haven�t it been stated enough times previously that blindly blocking ports
is irresponsible?

There are ways to similar, if not more accurate results without resorting to
shooting everything that moves.