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RE: Anti-spam System Idea

  • From: Timothy R. McKee
  • Date: Mon Feb 16 15:41:27 2004

I've spent many years in the industry...  It comes down to this:

a) Being proactive costs money.  Whether it be in the form of additional
engineering/operations time or beefier routers doesn't matter.  No
management type will *ALLOW* the technical folks to expend resources
unless there is either 1) a certifiable return on the investment or
2) a legal requirement that *ALL* service providers do the same exact

b) Action by one provider will mostly benefit other providers,
this provides negative inducement....

c) Being proactive without some form of legal/legislative backing signifies
risk to the management types...  Who's going to complain, who's going to
sue, etc....

There will *never* be a concerted action by all service providers to 
filter ingress/egress on abused ports unless there is a legal requirement
to do so.  Think 'level playing field'...

Tim McKee