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Re: BGP - weight

  • From: E.B. Dreger
  • Date: Sat Feb 14 12:06:26 2004

SH> Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 12:23:06 +0000
SH> From: Sven Huster

SH> We had some recent issues were it looks like the core got
SH> "out of sync" with the border (looks more like a sw issue
SH> than just convergence delay) and packets bounced back and
SH> forth between them.

Yikes.  I'd try to see what was wrong with your IGP before using
a big (albeit highly localized) hammer.

SH> I know this doesn't solve the cause but the before digging
SH> for the initial reason I want a quick workaround.

I'm not so sure about having traffic leave through the router via
which it arrived.  You have no way of knowing that unless you
were to tag packets or track flows, keeping state...

If you wish to force packets through a router, you might consider
tagging learned routes with a community corresponding to the
router that learned the route.  On the edge router you could
force next hop according to community.

Again, though, these are gross and messy.  I'm not sure if hacks
will make your situation better or worse.

Good luck,
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