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Re: SMTP authentication for broadband providers

  • From: Alex Bligh
  • Date: Fri Feb 13 11:45:22 2004

--On 13 February 2004 09:27 -0500 [email protected] wrote:

Yeeee-Haw!  A return to the Old West of bangbaths and pathalias.
*Not* that I think bilateral peering for SMTP is a great idea, but: a
web of trust (A trusts B, B trusts C) does not necessarily mean
the mail has to traverse the route of the web of trust (i.e. if
A can establish B trusts C, then why not accept the mail directly
from C if all B is going to do is forward it in essence unaltered).

Perhaps this is no different from having someone DNS sign some form
of inverse MX record saying "this is my customer and they shalt
not spam you or lo the wrath of my abuse department shall descend
on them and cut them off", and people not accept mail from those
without that an inverse MX record signed by someone they trust,
someone who someone they trust trusts (etc.).