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Re: SMTP authentication for broadband providers -- A MODEST PROPOSAL

  • From: Dr. Jeffrey Race
  • Date: Fri Feb 13 02:10:49 2004

On Thu, 12 Feb 2004 22:58:18 -0800, Dave Crocker wrote:
> To attack spam, we need to attack it at its core, not at some secondary or
> tertiary side-effect, with a mechanism that also hurt legitimate users.
> So, what, exactly, _is_ that core?
> Unless and until there is broad community consensus that answers that
> question in concrete and practical terms, then all our efforts are
> losing and stop-gap.

A concrete and practical solution, which has been proven to work in hours, 
engineered from well-known principles of human behavior:


      derived from


Suggestions welcome.  When I get some time (maybe in April) I may
get to put this into the RFC-draft hopper.  Needs a day of 
reformatting I've not gotten to yet.   Anyone who has done this
and could volunteer to help, contact me offlist.

Kind regards to all,

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