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Re: Interesting BIND error

  • From: Mike Lewinski
  • Date: Thu Feb 12 20:56:25 2004

Brian Wallingford wrote:

Feb 12 16:25:07 ns1 named[3150]: socket.c:1100: unexpected error:
Hmm. A few weeks ago I started noticing some similiar messages that I had not ever seen before:

Jan 29 18:21:52 named[658]: socket.c:1100: unexpected error:
Jan 29 18:21:52 named[658]: internal_send: Connection reset by peer
Jan 29 18:21:53 named[658]: client error sending response: connection reset

On closer examination I could see that the remote client was attempting DDNS updates to a zone that server was auth for.

It started Jan 29 03:19:39 MDT and then mysteriously ended Jan 31 11:06:11 MDT which I thought was a little odd. Usually someone sticks a domain name that they like (but have no real relationship to) into their Microsoft TCP/IP stack's domain name field and it tries to do it's Active Directory update thingy forever (we have '' which is lots of fun). So once a client starts sending us updates, it's not likely to ever stop.

FWIW, only a small percentage of the updates were generating this error....

# grep -c '*denied' messages.2

# grep -c socket.c messages.2