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Re: Interesting BIND error

  • From: Matthew Sullivan
  • Date: Thu Feb 12 18:06:31 2004

Brian Bruns wrote:

On Thu, February 12, 2004 4:52 pm, Brian Wallingford said:

We've been seeing the following on all of our (9.2.1) authoritative
nameservers since approximately 10am today. Googling has turned up
nothing; I'm currently trying to glean some useful netflow data. Just
wondering if this is local, or if others have suddenly seen the same.

Seems harmless enough, but the logging is eating a disproportionate amount
of cpu.

Feb 12 16:25:07 ns1 named[3150]: internal_send:
Invalid argument

Its possible that someone is spoofing UDP packets to your nameserver from
that IP range (which is IANA reserved space). It looks like BIND is
refusing to send to that address, and thus the error.

At least, IMHO. So I could be wrong :)

Considering the address range, I'd say it'll have problems sending there... multicast anyone?

/ Mat