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PING: admin at AT&T

  • From: Ben Browning
  • Date: Wed Feb 11 16:25:17 2004

The following is an autoresponse I have been forced to make in my email client. I get, on average, 1-2 emails per week since I originally posted here asking for help with my own blacklisting woes. That was in *August*. I posted this here once before, in hopes that perhaps it would get as widespread in Google as my original post has been. Today alone I have received 3 emails about this issue. I would highly appreciate an offlist email telling me what you are doing to document your blacklist and the procedure ISPs must follow to get removed. Alternately, AT&T payroll may contact me and we can discuss my consulting rates, should you wish me to continue being your only source of documentation and support for this blacklist.


---begin autoresponse---

Here's a post I posted to NANOG and, as I have gotten a lot of replies abut this.

Subject: ATTN: Anyone with RBL clue at

Something must be highly broken at ATT. I have been receiving tons of emails in response to a Usenet posting I made months ago asking if anyone knew how to get out of's private RBL.

The procedure:

What I did:

Called the contact in the whois record...
Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
GNMC (VXGTRUVDOO) [email protected]
3324 Hollenberg
Bridgeton, MO 63044
314-264-9672 fax: 281-664-9975

Asked for their abuse department. Kept asking and calling back and leaving messages, etc, until finally I got a response. It took me several days.

AT&T - please document the removal procedures on your website immediately. You are apparently doing some very heavyhanded blocking and professionalism demands you at least give admins some recourse to figure out why they are blocked and how to fix their problems.


(I speak for myself here)
Ben Browning <[email protected]>
The River Internet Access Co.
WA Operations Manager