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Re: question on ptr rr

  • From: Michael.Dillon
  • Date: Tue Feb 10 05:57:49 2004

>> We need to start with an Email Service Consortium with a code of email
>> server practices in which the larger ISPs agree to stop accepting SMTP
>> connections from anyone who is not in the consortium or a customer. 
>> will get everyone implementing a set of well-known and consistent 

> not practical.  Remember the true street-level definition of spam:
>"spam is e-mail you didn't want that wasn't sent by me or my customers."
>Trying to form an E-S-C under those conditions is unthinkable or useless.

That's why I maintain that we should not be trying to solve
the man-in-the-street's SPAM problem. ISPs can't do that. 
But ISP's could join together into a consortium to solve 
the serious weaknesses in the overall Internet email service
architecture that allow SPAM to thrive. Once the architecture
has been fixed, spammers will find it hard to do joe-jobs or
to send spam anonymously. When it is easier to identify the
actual sender of a spam message, then ISPs will find it much
easier to enforce their AUPs on abuse. 

--Michael Dillon