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Re: Where can I find a list of IPs and their regions.

  • From: Matthew Crocker
  • Date: Mon Feb 09 20:51:18 2004

On 10.02.2004 01:43 Matthew Crocker wrote:
I've look at IANA but it doesn't give enough detailed information. I would like to find a list of /8 or /16s and what geographic region the exist in. I know it isn't an exact science but something close would be nice. I know 210/8 & 211/8 are APNIC, I likes to know stuff like 210.100/16 is Korea and 210.120/16 is China, etc. Does anyone have a list I can pull from?
Have a look at and retrieve up-to-date files from APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC and RIPE.

This is exactly what I want, thank you very much :)

I wonder why APNIC & ARIN have delegated-*-latest files but LACNIC & RIPE do not. grrr. This data should be accurate enough for what I'm trying to accomplish

Thanks again