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Re: question on ptr rr

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Mon Feb 09 19:07:10 2004

> > Imagine a world in which only ISPs run SMTP servers which only talk
> > directly to other servers with which they have an offline relationship.
> 70K user. 40M .coms.  N*M.  Gee thanks.  That's too damned many
> relationships to negotiate.  And I think we learned our lesson with
> 'ADMD= PRMD=', didn't we?

it's a real shame that exponential growth can only occur in wormnets,
and that there's no such thing as transitive trust amongst humans.

otherwise we could build a trusted "smtp web" out of multilateral trust
relationships and existing X.509 technology, and it would become possible
to know from the SSL whether an smtp initiator has signed a loyalty oath
similar to your own, and if they then misbehave it would be possible to
find out who let them in and prune the whole branch.  six degrees of
separation and all that.

but i guess i'm still a few years ahead of myself on this one.
Paul Vixie