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Re: Dumb users spread viruses

  • From: Roland Perry
  • Date: Mon Feb 09 11:11:35 2004

In article <[email protected]>, Petri Helenius <[email protected]> writes
You get millions of people calling asking how to disable the annoying feature that they got when they updated the computer. In addition they will tell other people not to upgrade because it gets more annoying to use email and the earlier way was more convinient.
That's a user interface design issue. People seem happy enough with popups from virus checkers saying "suchandsuch a file is infected - what do you want to do about it", all I'm proposing is something similar for "potentially harmful files".

You already get something similar for (eg) driver files not signed as XP-compatible. Does that put people [support desks, users, potential upgraders] off XP?

I agree there may be a scaling issue, although I see fewer wanted-executables annually than I have non-XP drivers installed, which is also pretty much an annual exercise.

Of course, if it did gain acceptance maybe the black hats would simply deliver their infections differently.
Roland Perry