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Re: Stopping open proxies and open relays

  • From: Rubens Kuhl Jr.
  • Date: Fri Feb 06 23:55:28 2004

Force all SMTP outbound connections from users thru a SMTP proxy. On that
proxy, force users to do SMTP Authentication; I've heard only once of a spam
code that will use the user's configuration info or dispatch e-mail thru
them. Even if they do, you can rate-limit messages/hour, unique mail
to/hour, disable mail service after a threshold, whatever sounds a good
policy to you.


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From: "Adi Linden" <[email protected]>
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Sent: Saturday, February 07, 2004 2:43 AM
Subject: Stopping open proxies and open relays

> I am looking for ideas to stop the spam created by compromised Windows
> PC's. This is not about the various worms and viruses replicating but
> these boxes acting as open relays or open proxies.
> There are valid reasons not to run antivirus software, coupled with
> clueless users, this results in machines that SPAM again just a few hours
> after having been cleaned.
> Adi