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Re: Are SW upgrades needed in MPLS core networks?

  • From: Andy Dills
  • Date: Fri Feb 06 14:18:01 2004

On Fri, 6 Feb 2004, Randy Bush wrote:

> > I don't get why Juniper and Cisco trie-lookup forwarding would differ in
> > comparing IPv4 and IPv6; Juniper does a 8+1+1+1+1+... search until a leaf
> > node is found, while Cisco does 16+8+8 (or something near it but still with
> > 3 phases); for both architetures, IPv6 longer addresses implies walking more
> > deeply into the tree in order to find where to route.
> ahhh.  you have been watching marketing architecture presentations.
> otoh, we have been using real routers.


What is the most PPS you've done with IPv6 on what platforms?

Tell us about your work with real routers. Some of us live in elbonia
where the only routers we have rely on immigrants hand-delivering packets.

(I.e. if you're going to swing the snob stick, at least back it up and
show us something)


Andy Dills
Xecunet, Inc.