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Re: Are SW upgrades needed in MPLS core networks?

  • From: Rubens Kuhl Jr.
  • Date: Fri Feb 06 14:03:21 2004

> > I don't get why Juniper and Cisco trie-lookup forwarding would differ in
> > comparing IPv4 and IPv6; Juniper does a 8+1+1+1+1+... search until a
> > node is found, while Cisco does 16+8+8 (or something near it but still
> > 3 phases); for both architetures, IPv6 longer addresses implies walking
> > deeply into the tree in order to find where to route.
> ahhh.  you have been watching marketing architecture presentations.

Usually it's a good way to learn about the architecture of the
competitor's(i.e, not the company of the presenter) router; watch both of
them and you get a pretty good image of what they are.

> otoh, we have been using real routers.

Those real routers have real architetures with what behaviour regarding
prefix-length ?