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Re: MTUs - Was: Strange public traceroutes return private RFC1918 addresses

  • From: Iljitsch van Beijnum
  • Date: Fri Feb 06 08:46:10 2004

On 6-feb-04, at 11:24, [email protected] wrote:

So there we are. Want to bet on whether 40 GigE will still have the 1522
byte limit?

Given the growing number of folks who will only buy xGigE equipment
that supports 9000 byte MTUs
I had that happen one time: when evaluating some gigE switches a few years ago I complained that they would only do 1500 bytes. A week later they had new boards that did 64k for me. :-)

I'd say the chances are very good that 40GigE will no longer have a 1522 byte limit.
I don't think vendors are going to risk building 40GE stuff that can only do 1500, but the IEEE on the other hand would look pretty stupid by giving in at 40G after sticking to 1500 at 1 and 10.