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CULPRIT - poor connectivity to new

  • From: bill
  • Date: Wed Feb 04 05:06:14 2004

upstream routing for the new and old prefixes for is
asymetric.  inbound is generally weighted to arrive through Level3, while
the outbound is generally weighted to depart through verio.

due to exceptional work from Level3 and Los Nettos, they were able to 
identify that Verio filters using "golden" prefixes...

"I believe I have found the culprit.  I think that Verio was filtering the
b root traffic out because it was not a blessed source address."


"I have a strange feeling that Verio (the return path for 209.244/14
according to Walt, and probably for lots of other blocks) is filtering
source addresses"

Verio was asked to update its "blessed" or "golden" prefix list so that
packets from "B" would reach thier intended destinations.  Third party
reports indicate that this "correction" has been applied within Verio.

I would appreciate private replies on the efficacy of this ACL modification.