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Re: Strange public traceroutes return private RFC1918 addresses

  • From: Petri Helenius
  • Date: Tue Feb 03 15:15:01 2004

Niels Bakker wrote:

Just like the extra chopping up of the data you want to send into more
packets, it's things you have to do a few extra times. That takes time.
There is no way around this. What Leo wrote is in no way wrong.

Maybe we need to define what the expression "huge difference" means in this context. Previously
it has been defined as 1.4% difference which in my opinion qualifies as understatement of the day.

If we would be talking about 20% or more difference here, the pain from larger MTU might be tolerable.

ACL checks I can agree on, but if you are optimizing the system, what
do you need ACL?s for anyway because you can make the applications
secure in the first place?

You're trolling, right?

No. I´┐Żll trust my digital signatures over the source IP filters any day.