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Re: Strange public traceroutes return private RFC1918 addresses

  • From: Petri Helenius
  • Date: Tue Feb 03 14:56:47 2004

Stephen J. Wilcox wrote:

Why large MTU then? Most modern ethernet controllers don�t care if you�re
sending 1500 or 9000 byte packets. (with proper drivers taking advantage of
the features there) If you�re paying for 40 byte packets anyway, there is no
incentive to ever go beyond 1500 byte MTU.

I think its partially due to removal of overhead and improvements you get out of TCP (bearing in mind it uses windowing and slow start)

Sure, if you control both endpoints. If you don�t and receivers have small (4k,8k or 16k) window
sizes, your performance will suffer.

Maybe we should define if we�re talking about record breaking attempts or real operationally
useful things here.