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Re: antivirus in smtp, good or bad?

  • From: Suresh Ramasubramanian
  • Date: Tue Feb 03 10:02:20 2004

Stephen J. Wilcox  [2/3/2004 8:13 PM] :

Ok I just realised what I'm doing here, 550 is a permanent fail and at this point as I am holding the mail on my server I should decide to return it to the sender. This isnt actually whats filling my queue and actually the reason I have some of these with 550 codes in the queue log is because they are bounces which means we handle them differently to normal mails and dont immediately fail them.

I'd mixed permanent and temporary, but thanks to rfc821 I've resolved my
To clean out all the frozen mail ...

exim -bpru|grep frozen|awk {'print $3'}|xargs exim -Mr

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