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Re: Unbelievable Spam.

  • From: Michael.Dillon
  • Date: Tue Feb 03 05:35:08 2004

>> Spam Hosting - from 20$ per mounth.
>> Fraud Hosting - from 30$ per mounth.
>> Stoln Credit Cards, Fake ID, DL's.

>This is known as "Rule #3" on n.a.n-a.e... Spammers are stupid.

These spammers are not stupid. There are very few legitimate
businesses which can actually turn a profit from spamming. 
Most of the money to be made is in selling spam related software
and services to suckers. The problem is, how do you identify
people who are dumb enough to think that spam services are
worth paying for?

Simple. You send lots of spam which, by definition, only goes
to people who know something about the Internet and might be
willing to spend money on an Internet-related service. Then you
wait for responses which, by definition, are only going to come
from grade A suckers. Then you pounce on these hapless marks,
rip them off and move on.

Spammers are not stupid. They are smart criminal gangs which
have not only managed to keep their schemes running for
several years in the face of great public animosity, they have
also managed to sabotage the efforts that supposedly work
against them. A favorite trick is for them to go into a forum
like NANAE and support a flawed anti-spam effort because they
know that it keeps people from focusing on real solutions.

The net effect of all of these flawed technical attacks on
spam is that it has filtered out the naive spammers from the
spamming community and left spamming in the control of 
criminal gangs.

When will we realize that SPAM is a social problem and it 
needs a social solution? When will the major email providers
sit down around a table and agree to some guidelines for
email exchange that make it impossible for rogue users to
inject large volumes of email into the system? The existing
non-hierarchical email exchange network is not scalable.
I hope that everyone on this list can understand what the
email exchange overlay network is and recognize that it
is subject to similar scaling rules as the underlying IP 

--Michael Dillon