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Re: Unbelievable Spam.

  • From: Richard Welty
  • Date: Mon Feb 02 16:36:56 2004

On Mon, 2 Feb 2004 15:01:19 -0600 Ejay Hire <[email protected]> wrote:
> It's just wrong in my opinion, and exacerbated by the fact
> that it was spammend to our abuse account.  Their /24 just
> fell off of my piece of the internet.  Have I just been
> blind to this all along, or are the spammers getting bolder?

this is actually a somewhat well known situation, it appears
that there are two warring groups of spammers joe-jobbing
each other (and if you look at the from addresses, you may
see them trying to get various ISP and anti-spammer mail
boxes pounded by angry responses.)

i've got a whole collection of them. been getting them
for months.

it's also somewhat offtopic for this list. i suggest that
followups be off list, unless they can be typed into

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