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Re: What happened to dot pro... (BTW)

  • From: Valdis.Kletnieks
  • Date: Sun Feb 01 22:58:10 2004

On Sun, 01 Feb 2004 21:48:47 EST, John R Levine said:

> A PGP or S/MIME signature assures you that the mail definitely came from
> the address it purports to come from, but it doesn't tell you whether that
> person is who you think it is.  That's where limited access domains can
> help.

Umm... no.

If the PGP or S/MIME trust infrastructure is able to tell you that the
mail came from somebody in particular, the domain doesn't matter anymore.

Consider this PGP-signed mail.  If your PGP web-of-trust ID's it as me, then
it's me or somebody/something with access to my private key. I could have
posted this from a pay-by-the-hour cyber cafe in Paris, using a created ID on
their mail server for the From:, and PGP would still tell you if it was from me
or not.

If your web-of-trust *doesn't* verify it, it doesn't matter if I'm coming from
a .pro or a .edu or a cyber cafe.

(Note that the same logic applies to S/MIME - the fact that Verisign accepted
money to sign a certificate for doesn't tell you anything
about whether you should actually deal with foobar.  All it really proves is
that the news about Foobar's disbarrment hasn't reached the domain registrar

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