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Re: Did Wanadoo, French ISP, block access to SCO?

  • From: Petri Helenius
  • Date: Sun Feb 01 18:23:02 2004

Randy Bush wrote:

so, should they be renamed wanadon't? :-)

i.e. what's all this about anyway? what am i supposed to learn
from this that i am clearly missing? as far as i know, the
actual victim has not asked us to do anything. so i think i'll
go shopping for dinner and groceries before the fish counter
gets sparse.

I don�t think there are new lessons to be learned, just identifying the beneficiaries
of the hype&fear machine will give you an idea where the money is going to.

Some people do this with software, some use more hardware. Usually the end
result is an excuse for governments to spend more to think and watch out for