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Re: Stopping ip range scans

  • From: John R. Levine
  • Date: Mon Dec 29 12:45:12 2003
  • Newsgroups: iecc.lists.nanog

My router is set up to send me daily reports of IP addresses that hit
the port 137-139 block more than 1000 times a day.  The sources are
all over the place, including a lot of IANA reserved address space
that Sprint and my ISP should be filtering upstream, but a lot of the
scans are from hosts on my ISP's network that I know are consumer DSL.

My working assumption is that these are worms looking for new hosts to
attack.  When I have time, I tell the ISP about the local ones so they
can tell their customer to fix it, otherwise I don't bother.

So long as you have reasonable router filters, port scans are an
annoyance but not a security issue.

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