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Re: Trace and Ping with Record Option on Cisco Routers

  • From: Chris Griffin
  • Date: Mon Dec 22 18:09:49 2003

I believe source routing must be permitted in order for the record route
to function.  Otherwise the packet is dropped.


On Mon, 2003-12-22 at 16:45, [email protected] wrote:
> Hey, Group.  
> In my production network, I'm trying to do some extended traces and
> pings with the record option turned on to see what route my
> packets take going and returning.  It's not working.  If I do
> the extended traceroute or ping without the record option, it works
> fine.  There is a firewall (PIX) a few hops in front of the
> destination I'm trying to record the route for.  What part of ICMP is
> this that needs to be opened on the firewall to allow this to come
> back?  First time I'm coming across this.
> Thanks,
> Danny