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RE: [OT] Level3, 111 8th

  • From: Sean Crandall
  • Date: Sat Dec 20 04:46:01 2003

> On Fri Dec 19, 2003 at 06:15:02PM -0500, Charles Sprickman wrote:
> Anyway, once the circuit is installed, you should get a DLR 
> from the telco, which *has* to show the exact demarc (suite, 
> row, rack, shelf, ports, etc), which you then provide to 
> Level3 with a cross connect order. If the DLR is wrong, 
> expect Level3 to sit on it for a month before coming back 
> saying that it's wrong.

We have actually had fairly decent time getting circuits installed into that
gateway.  If possible, order your T-1 from someone that actually has their
own cabinets within L3's suite.  I have about five DS-3s, an OC-3 and a
couple of POTS lines and have never had any major problems with the

We've occasionally gotten the bad DLR from a vendor and L3 usually let us
know within a couple of days of when we sent them the DLR that there was a


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