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RE: Bandwidth Control Question

  • From: Dan Ellis
  • Date: Fri Dec 19 11:23:44 2003

Thanks.  I not very familiar with the integrated DSU T3/E3 command set - still used to the good ol HSSI ports.  I'll agree, this sounds like a better solution if you are using one of the integrated cards.

Yes - you are correct, in my solution both sides should always use a traffic-shape or other shaping QoS command.  The rate limit is a final "police" in case the customer does try to send more than you would like them to.  Again, agreed, obviously if you can control the port speed (above - DSU bandwidth), that's a better solution.

Daniel Ellis, CTO, PenTeleData

     "The only way to predict the future is to invent it."
                                                  --Alan Kay

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> Bryan Heitman
> Why not simply use configuration option Cisco gives
> you to set your DS3 to 6 meg dsu bandwidth X

That's what I do, works fine.
> Dan, your suggestion will unncessarily tax his equipment.

Not only that, but the rate-limiting on the input interface will likely force the customer to do some QOS at their end too; the discrepancy between what the customer's router thinks the bandwidth is and what it really is will cause packet loss. I like the solution of the sending interface to queue the egress traffic at whatever speed is available better.