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Re: pon's and ethernet to the home

  • From: Rubens Kuhl Jr.
  • Date: Thu Dec 18 15:36:21 2003

> Having heard no answer, I will take a shot :
> I actually think that EPONs have a good chance to be the future method
> of distributing video from the "cable" provider to the home. As they
> are passive, it minimizes the amount of equipment out there. A

May be not... all xPON systems have a wavelength window reserved for DWDM
broadcast, that seems more suited to the task.

> 10-Gigabit Ethernet running multicast IP (probably with some form of
> packet tagging like MPLS) could more than support all of the video and
> data needs of a typical cable head-end customer base.

EPON/IEEE 802.3ah is a 1-Gigabit system (actually a 1.25 Gbps but 20% is
used by the 8B10B encoding); I haven't seen any spec for a 10-Gig PON; even
recently standardized GPON is limited to 2.5 Gbps downlink, 1.25 Gbps

> You might look at alloptic as a equipment provider here