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survey on BGP damping

  • From: Beichuan Zhang
  • Date: Fri Dec 12 13:36:12 2003


We are conducting a survey of BGP damping deployment and would greatly
appreciate if you could take a few minutes to answer the following
questions.  There are a number of interesting results and various
recommendations for damping settings.  However, we have found only limited
information on who does(does not) deploy damping and what parameter
settings are selected in practice.

If you are willing to participate, please send replies directly to us.
We will collect the results (removing any private information regarding
specific sites) and post the results to the list.  Thanks!


(1) Does your AS have BGP route flap damping turned on?
       * Yes
       * No (please skip to comments)

(2) What damping parameters do you use?
       * Cisco Default
       * Juniper Default
       * RIPE recommendation
       * Customized

(3) On which links do you enable damping?
       * To customers only
       * To providers
       * To peers
       * All the above

(4) Comments
Please tell us more such as:

What kind of network are you managing (any specific names will be removed
  in the published study)?
Why (why not) do you enable damping?
If you enable damping, why did you choose your current parameters?
Has your site seen specific problems that were prevented by damping
 (or caused by damping)?

We welcome any other comments you feel are relevant. Thanks!