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Re: Anyone from listening?

  • From: william
  • Date: Thu Dec 11 10:22:01 2003

I've been a victim to that... I'm not certain you'll be able to convince 
domain registry to delete that name server from that domain - I could not 
(but this with Verisign and their techs could not even undertand what the 
issue is and getting to knowledgable people there is surprisingly difficult)

My suggestion is to deal with it like with joe-job or some other spam that 
directly lists your domain (like in "From" header) and possibly set automated 
reply that you have nothing to do with what is going on as automated reply.
And obviously dns server should answer NXDOMAIN which would main it has 
negative value for the spammer.

On Thu, 11 Dec 2003, Drew Linsalata wrote:

> Given that there are no phone numbers anywhere on the NeuLevel (.biz 
> registrar) site and email to [email protected] is going unanswered, 
> I'll ask here.
> If anyone has real contact info for these folks, or anyone from NeuLevel 
> is listening, please drop me a note off-list.  A cracker/spammer has 
> decided to list one of our customer servers as a secondary nameserver 
> for a bunch of spam domains and we're getting hammered with spam 
> complaints that really have nothing to with us.
> Thanks!