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Re: Authority

  • From: Blaxthos
  • Date: Wed Dec 10 14:44:13 2003

On Wed, 10 Dec 2003, Randy Bush wrote:

> [ sorry to use your msg as a soapbox ]

I appreciate the apology.

I think my point is being missed, however (and hopefully this reply will
help legitimize the situation).

It should be noted that the original post was directed to [email protected], not to
nanog-l (the list was only cc'd).

I take issue with anyone who publically accuses another entity of
wrongdoing beyond his scope of authority.

If people are speeding in my neighborhood, I can not go and take down
their pictures, personal information, license plate numbers, etc., post
them publically, and accuse them of breaking the law (even if they did!).
That's liabel, and it is illegal (and wrong).  It is no less wrong just
because it is up to the victim of the post to take corrective/punative
action in a civil forum (ie lawsuit).

The correct action would be to lobby the authorities (police in the
example, arin in this situation) to take enforcement measures, NOT to
demand that the "criminals" justify their actions to you (specifically
speaking to whom my email was originally addressed).  There are fiscal and
legal ramifications to what is being done here.

Hope this helps clarify.