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Re: AOL rejecting mail from IP's w/o reverse DNS ?

  • From: just me
  • Date: Sun Dec 07 18:29:15 2003

On Mon, 8 Dec 2003, Petri Helenius wrote:
  just me wrote:

  >Can you explain to the less hyperbolic among us, why I should be
  >obligated to exchange packets with a provider who hosts abusive

  You, and nobody else is not. The difference is if you carpet-bomb
  the provider or launch a smart device to itīs intended target.

  Iīll leave the rest of the obvious analogies as an excersize to the reader.


Right. Just because a provider condones one of its customer's abusive
and irrisponsible behavior, doesn't mean it would be OK for the rest
of the provider's customers.

You don't get it. And probably never will. Enjoy your future of
Nigerian herbal viagra colonic spam.


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