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Re: Evolution of the U.S. Peering Ecosystem v1.1

  • From: alex
  • Date: Fri Dec 05 18:37:47 2003

> 1) The Cable companies are peering (with Tier 2s and each other) in a
> *big* way
That's probably why ATDN depeered ~20 networks over last few months,
while Comcast and Charter do not peer at all.

> 2) The Large Network Savvy Content Companies are getting into peering in
> a *big* way
With transit bandwidth at 20k$/GE, and Equinix shared fabric now priced at
nearly half that, I don't see that many "content companies" peering all
that much.

> 3) The Large Network Savvy Content Companies are getting their content
> directly onto the Cable companies eyeball networks by peering
> relationships.
I wish.

Out of big eyeball networks, only SBC has reasonably open policy, rest are
attempting to force "content networks" into paid peering arrangements 
using restrictive ratio requirements

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