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Re: prefix filter generation for customers

  • From: Michael Moscovitch
  • Date: Tue Dec 02 20:01:57 2003

On Tue, 2 Dec 2003, Phillip Vandry wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm looking for input about how other people deal with this problem:
> We generate prefix filters for our customers from RADB using their AS
> or as-set. Our upstreams do the same for us.
> Our filters are generated with a simple WHOIS query and will pick up
> objects not only from RADB but from the various other IRRs that are
> mirrored in RADB.
> The problem is that it looks like at least one of our upstreams does not
> pick up the route objects that are in IRRs other than the one we asked
> them to use for us (RADB). One of our customers uses a different IRR and
> their routes did not get included in the filter generated by our upstream.

Hi Phil,

Have you asked them how they are generating the info? Maybe they
are only looking at one source (for security reasons or whatever).

If you look at the peval man page:

                     Specifies the radbserver host to connect.

                     Specifies the radbserver port number to connect.

                     Specifies the source list (comma separated) to

Did you try the following to see if it picks up all the networks?

peval -h -expand_all ASnnn

Another option might be to ``proxy'' the objects into RADB
by making your own entries for the networks.
I think I have seen people do this before.

It all depends on the software that your upstream/peers are using
to generate their filter lists.

> Do we need to force all of our customers to use the same IRR as we do,
> or is there some way that we can support offering our customers a
> choice of IRRs just like our upstreams do for us?
> -Phil

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