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Re: WLAN shielding

  • From: Scott McGrath
  • Date: Mon Dec 01 15:59:03 2003

There is an adage in the Wireless industry.  If it will hold water it will
hold RF Energy.  Unfortunately this is true and the only method by which
you can prevent the egress of 2.4 GHz signals from a defined area is by
the use of a faraday cage and since the wavelength is short you need a 
very fine mesh screen or solid metal walls.   This is expensive.

If you really want to use wireless I would recommend a VPN solution with 
the authentication being a one time password solution.  i.e. SecureID

                            Scott C. McGrath

On Wed, 26 Nov 2003, Andy Grosser wrote:

> Apologies in advance if this may not quite be the proper list for such a
> question...
> My company is investigating the use of wireless in a couple of our
> conference rooms.  Aside from limiting the scope of reception with various
> directional antennae, does anyone have any suggestions or pointers for
> other ways to limit the propagation of signals (i.e. special shielding
> paint, panels or other wall coatings)?
> Feel free to reply off-list.
> Thanks!
> Andy
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> Andy Grosser, CCNP
> andy at meniscus dot org
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