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RE: North America not interested in IP V6

  • From: Ben Buxton
  • Date: Thu Jul 31 22:06:38 2003

> From: Cougar [mailto:[email protected]] 

> On Thu, 31 Jul 2003, Ben Buxton wrote:
> > And further to this...will it be required (or wise at all) 
> to register
> > individual /48 delegations when it becomes commonplace to 
> allocate them
> > to standard home users?
> [----]
> > Plus, putting in and maintaining hundreds of thousands of 
> entries (we
> > have a
> > lot of users) would be quite impractical.
> How many home users need /48 ? I see here almost no home 
> users who need
> more than /64..

Read RFC 3177, it recommends /48 so that users get given enough space
to never have to worry. We cant predict what will happen in 15 years,
so we shouldnt put artifical limitations on this.

And includes reasons as to why that was decided upon.

Its such a shame that a lot of companies want to restrict innovation
by insisting that consumers will only want or need a single ip addres
or subnet. Or that people only ever need to access web sites with
their net connection. This seems especially so in the states and aus.

In europe, when any consumer gets a net connection it's sold as
a pipe to do anything you want with (as long as it abides by laws
and netiquette.

It seems that this silly restrictive mentality will remain even with