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Re: "The internet is slow"

  • From: Rick Ernst
  • Date: Thu Jul 31 14:26:51 2003

On Thu, 31 Jul 2003, Rick Ernst wrote:

:>Gah.. I hate these kind of vague problems.
:>I have multiple users complaining about "the internet is slow"; specifically
:>to sites such as aol, cnn, amazon.  Our support folks are also having trouble
:>getting to postini's admin pages.  Things are excruciatingly slow.

I got quite a few responses in a very short period of time.

a) DNS resolve problems - already checked, looks OK
b) traceroutes          - Multiple reports of packet loss through UUNET,
                          but some look fine.  Ticket opened with UUNET.
c) overloaded routers   - CPU load looks fine. One report of high latency
                          on one of our cour routers appears to be an

FWIW, mtr output was the most useful for me in this case.

Thanks for the responses.